Our Clients Testimonials

Working with Paul and his team, it was evident from the very beginning that he provides high levels of tax and accounting expertise, and simplified the very complex legal language of USA taxation policies. Paul has been one of the best tax advisories our company has worked with, and provided high class level research and advisory assistance. Expanding our business to work with contractors in the USA, Paul has tremendously helped us understand the critical issues regarding nexus, sales tax obligations for different states, disclaimer of import taxes obligations, and gave clear guidance in the matter of Quick-books setup. Not only was Paul a very professional IRS approved tax advisor, but a pleasure to do business with due to his very friendly, kind, and patient character to resolute conflicts very fast. Being a Canada based business, we have handled our tax obligations for many years, but have never had any proper guidance for doing business in the USA – and I am very certain that Paul is our official company tax advisory regarding USA taxation. Even, after completion of all project points, he continues to provide a dedicated amount of effort to clarify further queries – and offer consultations at a very fair expense. Thank you for your services on our first project !

A. Chak – Canada

Paul and his team were fantastic. I always felt valuable to him and even when I asked the same question multiple times he handled me with the utmost care. I would highly recommend him to others.

N. Nahouraii – California

Tax problems have plagued me for years but I never found the help I needed to get out of my tax problems – that was until I found the helpful and experienced specialists at Tidy Tax! In just a few consultations, my tax problems seemed to all but melt away and now I am no longer in debt to the IRS. I cannot thank Tidy Tax enough for their expertise that allowed me to get out of tax debt which means no more phone calls and letters from the IRS. Nowadays I don’t have to dread the onset of tax season! Thank you again Tidy Tax.

J. Miller – Texas

Within the first few minutes of working with Tidy Tax, I just knew that I had made the right decision. This company taught me that fearing the IRS wasn’t a way to live my life any longer. After years of owing thousands of dollars of back taxes, I had tried any and all ways to avoid the IRS. But, in the end this only lead to digging myself a deeper hole. Thankfully, Tidy Tax proved to be the light at the end of the tunnel that I needed. This company is top notch and offers nothing but a wealth of information. Now I feel like a well-informed tax payer who no longer owes!

T. Anderson – Florida

Who wants to admit that they have gone years without filing their taxes? As a professional with high expectations in life, I did not want anyone to know that I had skipped filing my taxes the last two years. Once I started receiving letters from the IRS, I knew that something had to be done. After a search online for a tax specialist company, I came across Tidy Tax. To put it simply, Tidy Tax has been god-sent. Their IRS specialist worked with me step by step to get caught up on my back-taxes and to clear up my poor financial situation. If you have tax problems, Tidy Tax is the company to work with. You won’t regret it; I surely don’t.

C. Hernandez – Illinois

Though I know it is the job of the specialists at Tidy Tax to help clients with their tax problems, I couldn’t help but thank you for the work, time, and effort that you put into resolving my case. I never felt rushed or unimportant nor did any of my concerns go unaddressed. Because I owed over $25,000 in back taxes, I never thought that I’d ever be able to have a sound financial future. However, my future now is bright and back-tax free. Thanks a million for your services. I know exactly the place to go if I ever have tax problems ever again.

B. Lewis – Florida

I truly don’t know how or if I can ever thank Tidy Tax enough and for all that they have done to help remedy my tax problem. When I contacted Tidy Tax, I truly believed that I was going to lose my home and any other valuable assets that I had. Years of poor tax planning had left me in so much debt I was in over my head, to say the least. But after a lot of tears, worries, and fears, I sought the help of Tidy Tax and within a few weeks that felt like a lifetime, my tax problems were taken care of. I didn’t lose my home and my tax situation was fixed completely. I am forever in your debt and cannot thank you enough.

P. Evans – California