Penalty Abatement

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service has nearly 150 penalties at its disposal. Putting these into practice saw taxpayers facing more than $20 billion in penalties in 2006. People in IRS sights have recourse–request penalty abatement. Successful requests, in many cases, can leave a taxpayer penalty-free. In a worst-case scenario, tax penalties are partially forgiven.

Every Situation Is Different

Asking doesn’t guarantee forgiveness. Let Tidy Tax Services go to bat for you. The IRS needs a good reason, which it determines on a case-by-case basis. Every taxpayer’s situation and tax burden is different. A detailed explanation is the taxpayer’s best defense. Having Tidy Tax Services in your corner can enhance your chances significantly.

We Will Craft Legal Correspondence

Our skilled team gathers important information from an in-depth client questionnaire. We also request proof or documentation that supports the need for abatement. Tidy Tax Services will craft legal correspondence highlighting precedents for approved abatements. The IRS appellate division generally hears and settles penalty abatement request cases. Saying no is an IRS employee’s first and best defense. That’s why you need expert tax help from Tidy Tax Services. 866.749.7717