Our Tax Relief Services

The tax attorneys, CPAs, enrolled IRS agents, and asset protection specialists at Tidy Tax Services are committed to achieving affordable solutions for businesses and individuals who are experiencing tax problems such as collection or audit. Below is a list of all our services.

Offer in Compromise

An offer in compromise is tax relief designed to settle tax debt for less than the amount owed when a taxpayer cannot pay full liability. The IRS may accept an offer in compromise in situations where the amount offered is the most it can expect to collect from the taxpayer before the statute of limitations is exceeded. Read More »

IRS Wage Garnishments

The tax levy is a tool used by the IRS to collect unpaid taxes from a taxpayer. It does not require court action. Your property and wages can be levied, or collected, to satisfy a tax debt. While neither is desirable, a wage levy can be financially crippling to the taxpayer. Read More »

Delinquent Tax Returns

Unfiled tax returns should never be taken lightly. You should always consult a professional to help you file back taxes. Over time, failing to file taxes each year snowballs into a giant problem. It is imperative to be up-to-date to avoid complications associated with tax debt. Delinquent taxes can jeopardize you and your family’s finances. Read More »

IRS Payment Plans

The professionals at Tidy Tax Services can help you negotiate an installment agreement with the IRS that will allow you to pay off your taxes and still cover your living expenses. Better yet, once you’ve entered an installment agreement, the IRS will not take collection action such as a levy or lien against you as long as you pay your minimum monthly payment and file all subsequent tax returns. Read More »

IRS Tax Liens

The IRS may place a lien on personal or real property to secure payment for taxes when a taxpayer is delinquent or fails to pay his or her taxes. A lien gives the IRS legal claim and right to a taxpayer’s property, including personal and real property, and earnings such as the accounts receivable of a business. Read More »

Collection Appeals

Did you know you have the right to appeal an IRS levy, lien, seizure, denial or termination of an installment agreement? If the IRS has notified you that it intends to take collection action against you and the following conditions apply, an appeal may be the answer for you. Read More »

Payroll Tax Problems

It is the employer’s responsibility to withhold federal income tax from employee’s wages. Failure to file and pay payroll tax generates large IRS penalties and debt and may be considered a federal crime, resulting in the business owner losing his or her business and more. Read More »

Penalty Abatement

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service has nearly 150 penalties at its disposal. Putting these into practice saw taxpayers facing more than $20 billion in penalties in 2006. People in IRS sights have recourse–request penalty abatement. Successful requests, in many cases, can leave a taxpayer penalty-free. In a worst-case scenario, tax penalties are partially forgiven. Read More »

IRS Audits

An IRS tax audit is not something you should take lightly, but with the right representation, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world either. During an audit, the taxpayer is asked a series of questions. Your answers to these questions determine how the rest of the exam will go. Read More »

IRS Appeals

The IRS can audit you by mail, in its offices, or in your office or home. In turn, you have the right to appeal action taken against you by the IRS. An appeal is a request made by a taxpayer to change a decision made by the IRS regarding the individual’s taxes. Read More »

Expiration of Back Taxes

The IRS is bound by statutes of limitations for collecting back taxes and conducting audits. Back taxes that exceed 10 years from the date of assessment cannot be collected legally. Read More »

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