Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information act was passed by Congress to allow taxpayers to request information from government agencies in regard to being informed about what type of information is being stored about them. This act allows a taxpayer to request information from the IRS about their file without drawing attention to the reason they are requesting the information.

Other benefits to the Freedom of Information Act include:

1. The information requested can be used to explain the reason for which a taxpayers IRS problem started.

2. The information requested can be used to examine how the IRS has made their decision to assess taxes, penalties, and interest against a taxpayer.

3. The information requested can aid the taxpayer in understanding their unique IRS problem and the solutions to help solve it.

4. The Act can also assist a taxpayer in understanding what the IRS is currently trying to carry out against them. Their IRS file will explain everything in detail and will be of much assistance to the taxpayer.

The Freedom of Information Act can be a very useful tool for a taxpayer that wishes to either find out about what is in their personal IRS file or to help them understand the problems they are facing.