IRS Collection Appeals

Did you know you have the right to appeal an IRS levy, lien, seizure, denial or termination of an installment agreement?

If the IRS has notified you that it intends to take collection action against you and the following conditions apply, an appeal may be the answer for you. The correspondence you received must state that you have a right to go to Appeals to dispute an IRS decision and that if you dispute the decision of the IRS, you don’t need to sign the agreement form already sent to you. In most cases, you have 30 days to appeal IRS collection action. However, if you simply can’t pay the amount you owe, you are not eligible for an appeal.

How to File an Appeal

You are ready to file your Collection Appeal Request (CAP Form 9423) when you can explain why you disagree with the IRS determination. You must be able to supply records that support your position. Your appeal will be assigned to an Appeals or Settlement Officer, who will review your argument and work with you toward receiving tax relief. It can take anywhere from 90 days to a year for you to receive a response regarding your appeal. Keep in mind that interest and penalties do not always stop just because you have filed an appeal.

You Have Rights

You have the right to appeal IRS collection action. You also have the right to representation. The tax relief specialists at Tidy Tax are here to help you settle your back taxes and disputes in a timely manner. Get the most favorable outcome possible; contact us today 866.749.7717