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Innocent Spouse Relief Abuse Defense – Paul Gaulkin CPA


In some cases, a spouse may have been forced to sign a return through physical or mental abuse. The courts have ruled in the past that this is a reasonable defense when claiming innocent spouse relief assuming that there is proof that the abuse actually took place. Records of any police report filed with the proper authorities or medical treatment records should be obtained as proof in the event a taxpayer wishes to seek relief under the innocent spouse abuse … Read more

IRS Innocent Spouse Relief does not Abate Tax – Paul Gaulkin CPA


When a taxpayer applies for innocent spouse relief, they are not actually applying to have the tax liability abated; rather, they are applying to have the tax liability reduced to zero to prevent the IRS from pursuing collection activities against them. Innocent Spouse Relief This is an important distinction because the IRS has the ability to reverse the grant for relief if it is determined that the relief was inappropriately issued to the taxpayer. Because the liability has not been … Read more

IRS Appeal Settlement Authority – Paul Gaulkin CPA

Court settlement with money

Appeal settlement authority is very broad but the Appeals Officer’s intent is to settle the case without litigation. For this reason, settlement through the Appeals Officer cannot be automatic and must go through a certain process. This process involves convincing the Appeals Officer that there is significant uncertainty regarding the facts of a case or the application of the law to the case. IRS Appeal Settlement Authority Most of an Appeals Officer’s authority is derived from settling issues based on … Read more

Tax Resolution Persistence


Sometimes the IRS can get mixed up when dealing with your particular problem and therefore it is very important that you are persistent in trying to resolve your issue. Many times you will not speak to the same IRS employee and they will not have a detailed knowledge of the problem you are facing. This can make it increasingly difficult to get an answer to how the IRS is going to handle your case. An Example of Our Client An … Read more

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Applying For Tax Relief

Today we are going to go through some questions you should ask yourself before you apply for the various tax relief programs the IRS offers to taxpayers. Generally speaking, there are more requirements to being eligible for tax relief through the IRS but establishing that you have an economic hardship from the beginning will help put your expectations in prospective. The questions listed below are questions that you the taxpayer need to ask yourself before approaching the IRS. These are … Read more

Steps & Forms To Prepare An Installment Agreement

If you are unable to pay your total tax debt and you owe less than $15,000, you qualify for an installment agreement. An installment agreement will allow you to pay in small amounts each month toward your entire tax bill. Below we will list everything you need to apply for an installment agreement, including which forms to send to the IRS. Form 433-A & Form 433-B The first thing you need to do is fill out Form 433-A and/or Form … Read more

IRS Installment Agreement Can Help Pay Your Taxes

The IRS has the ability to grant the taxpayer the option to pay its tax liability over time if it will facilitate collection of their debt. If you are unable to pay the full amount of your debt then an installment agreement may be right for you. The IRS is driven by the ability to collect outstanding tax debt as quickly as possible. When the IRS determines that you do not have assets that can be liquidated to cover your … Read more

Tax Hardship & The Taxpayer Assistance Order

The IRS offers taxpayers a way to solve their tax problems because of a provable hardship without having to go through a more formal and lengthy appeal or offer in compromise. A Taxpayer Assistance Order was designed to aid taxpayers that have suffered a hardship that is directly related to the way the tax law relates to them. No matter the specifics of your IRS problem, the Taxpayer Assistance Order covers them all. This specific program allows an IRS employee … Read more

Tax Mediation & Arbitration To Handle An IRS Dispute

You may be familiar with the traditional ways to handle a tax dispute with the IRS but there are many alternative ways to handle your case. Tax Mediation Mediation is a simple process where a mediator negotiates a deal between two parties. Your mediator will go back and forth with you trying to come to an agreement with you and the IRS. A mediator can help you realize what kind of strengths and weakness you possess in the case and … Read more

Steps To Prepare an Innocent Spouse Relief Case

There is a rule that the IRS has that is called the innocent spouse rule. This rule allows a spouse who believes they are not responsible for the debt of their other spouse to receive relief with the IRS from that tax debt. We are going to walk you through the steps you need to take to prepare your own innocent spouse case in front of the IRS. Organizing an Innocent Spouse Relief Case A few tips before we lay … Read more