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IRS Office of Professional Responsibility Referral – Paul Gaulkin CPA

Lawyers desk

The IRS has an initiative to enforce ethical standards for attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents, and enrolled actuaries that are practicing before the IRS. The Internal Revenue Manual provides guidance to taxpayers and IRS employees in regard to situations that should be referred to the Office of Professional Responsibility. Office of Professional Responsibility Referral Generally, a referral to the OPR is not warranted if it was a simple mistake and not willful but may be referred if the practitioner has a … Read more

When IRS Power of Attorney is Required – Paul Gaulkin CPA

IRS power of attorney

When taxpayer wants an Enrolled Agent, CPA or tax attorney to take action on their behalf with the IRS, a power of attorney is required to be filed. This power of attorney allows the representative to take the best course of action when dealing with the IRS on the behalf of the taxpayer. Required Power of Attorney Power of attorney is required when a taxpayer wants a recognized representative to: 1. Act as an advocate or perform various acts on … Read more

Secret to Becoming a Better Tax Professional – Paul Gaulkin CPA


Want to know the secret to becoming a better tax professional? Start a tax blog. It may seem silly at first because you have your own opinion of what a blog is and what it should be, but it is anything but silly. The reason that starting a blog will help make you a better tax professional is because it forces you to learn the subjects that you are writing about at a level beyond just reading about them. When … Read more

Accountant Client Confidentiality Privilege Can Be Taken Away

If your tax preparer or advisor is a tax attorney, certified public accountant or enrolled agent you are give confidentiality rights to have your personal information kept private even if requested for civil litigation. However, there are certain situations that could arise that would actually void this privilege and open you up to risks that you had not anticipated. Errors That Void The Accountant Client Confidentiality Privileges Some of the most common errors that could void your confidentiality privileges can … Read more

Tax Disclosure Secrets of a Tax Preparer

You may have wondered how private your information is when dealing with an attorney, certified public accountant, or enrolled agent. Each of these licensed professional is under ethical standards that are written by a state or federal governing agency. Can My Tax Preparer Disclose My Tax Information? It is true that they cannot ethically disclose any information about you or your tax return without first receiving permission. In some cases however they may actually be able to give out your … Read more

Guide to Taxes: Finding the Right Professional

Guide to Finding the Right Tax Professional There are many ways in which a tax return can get audited, here we will talk about some of the senarios where your actual tax preparer is creating an audit for you. How Your Preparer Is Reporting Your Return If for example, a preparer changes your expense item for one place on the return to a different place, the IRS will find this and send out an audit for your return. You Know … Read more