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Withdrawal of Federal Tax Lien – Paul Gaulkin CPA


In certain situations, the IRS may withdraw a public notice of tax lien prior to the taxpayer paying the liability in full. Some of these situations include: 1. The filing of the notice was premature or otherwise not in accordance with the administrative procedures of the IRS. 2. The taxpayer has entered into an installment agreement with the IRS to pay off the liability. 3. The withdrawal will allow the taxpayer to pay the liability. 4. The taxpayer or the … Read more

IRS Tax Lien Search – Paul Gaulkin CPA


The IRS is required by IRC Sec. 6323(f) to issue a Notice of Federal Tax Lien according to local law. If the lien is against real property, the notice must be recorded in the public index of the office that has been established by local law for recording Federal Tax Liens. The purpose of this procedure is for inspection of the lien and proof of its existence. In the event the lien is against personal property, the notice if filed … Read more