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Innocent Spouse Relief Abuse Defense – Paul Gaulkin CPA


In some cases, a spouse may have been forced to sign a return through physical or mental abuse. The courts have ruled in the past that this is a reasonable defense when claiming innocent spouse relief assuming that there is proof that the abuse actually took place. Records of any police report filed with the proper authorities or medical treatment records should be obtained as proof in the event a taxpayer wishes to seek relief under the innocent spouse abuse … Read more

IRS Innocent Spouse Relief does not Abate Tax – Paul Gaulkin CPA


When a taxpayer applies for innocent spouse relief, they are not actually applying to have the tax liability abated; rather, they are applying to have the tax liability reduced to zero to prevent the IRS from pursuing collection activities against them. Innocent Spouse Relief This is an important distinction because the IRS has the ability to reverse the grant for relief if it is determined that the relief was inappropriately issued to the taxpayer. Because the liability has not been … Read more