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Court Ruling on Health Care for Employers

Are you a business owner? Confused about the new health care law? Not a problem, we will discuss it here in easy to understand terms. Court Ruling on Health Care for Employers If you have 50 full time employees or an equivalent of such amount you will need to provide healthcare for them. If you have less than 50 you do not need to provide them with health care. However, you are still required to buy health care for yourself … Read more

How The Healthcare Bill Will Effect Small Businesses

Debate about the new Health Care Bill once dominated the airwaves and Internet. However, discussion has gone dormant. Better known as “Obamacare,” the legislation has been tweaked since its passage. Health Care Bill Cost Increases Those changes had no impact on most cost increases. So, a question remains unanswered. How much is the Health Care Bill really going to cost you? Small business owners face a variety of mandates. Employers will be required to report the value of an employee’s … Read more