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Accountant Client Confidentiality Privilege Can Be Taken Away

If your tax preparer or advisor is a tax attorney, certified public accountant or enrolled agent you are give confidentiality rights to have your personal information kept private even if requested for civil litigation. However, there are certain situations that could arise that would actually void this privilege and open you up to risks that you had not anticipated. Errors That Void The Accountant Client Confidentiality Privileges Some of the most common errors that could void your confidentiality privileges can … Read more

Tax Disclosure Secrets of a Tax Preparer

You may have wondered how private your information is when dealing with an attorney, certified public accountant, or enrolled agent. Each of these licensed professional is under ethical standards that are written by a state or federal governing agency. Can My Tax Preparer Disclose My Tax Information? It is true that they cannot ethically disclose any information about you or your tax return without first receiving permission. In some cases however they may actually be able to give out your … Read more