Recording an IRS Audit

Folders full of documentsOne of the not talked about keys to an IRS audit is being extremely organized and copying all documents that are given to the taxpayer, and created during an IRS audit. Many times the agent that is conducting an audit with request that the taxpayer send documents for review, it is extremely important that the taxpayer copy these documents and store them somewhere safe.

Examining Documents by Revenue Agent

Along with keeping copies of all documents given to the Revenue Agent, the taxpayer should also make records of when the documents were given to the Revenue Agent, when the agent examined them and the feedback that was given. This is important because you have a clear record of what has happened and the IRS cannot come back and say it never took place.

If you were ever forced to take your case to Tax Court, these recordings would be extremely important in showing that you did everything in your power to work with the IRS to resolve your tax issue in the more efficient manner possible.

Conversations & Meetings with a Revenue Agent

It is also important for the taxpayer or their legal representative to record all conversations and meetings that takes place between the taxpayer or their legal representative. The record should show what was discussed, where it was discussed, the concerns of the agent, the resolutions offered to the taxpayer and any subsequent follow up that took place afterwards.

The taxpayer should also record which documents were requested by the agent in the meetings, whether or not they were provided to the agent, when they were provided and if they have not been provided the reasoning behind it.

When dealing with the IRS, it is always important to be as organized as possible. Do not expect them to be organized for you and have your best interest in mind. Their job is to obtain the largest amount of money from a taxpayer that is legally possible. It is your job to show them that you have cooperated with them wholly and kept a record of everything that has taken place.

About Paul Gaulkin CPA

Paul Gaulkin is a Certified Public Accountant and enrolled with the U.S. Treasury to practice before the IRS. Mr. Gaulkin possesses unique technical knowledge in the process of securing relief for taxpayers nationwide with IRS and State tax problems. With an accounting degree from Florida International University, he is able to transform complex tax and accounting problems into easy to understand solutions.

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