IRS Media: Social Media For The Taxpayer

6 IRS Media Options

The IRS now has six social media tools that it uses to release information to the public. Below I will list the different ways that you can follow the IRS and be the first to receive important information.


You can now become a fan of the IRS by visiting their page at The fan page offers vital information on a daily basis for indivduals and business alike.


The IRS can be found on twitter by going to the URL Tweets from the IRS include daily updates of new tax laws and developments, information for tax professionals and other key information.


IRS 2Go is an application that anyone can get for their smart phone that will let them check their tax refund status, receive the latest tax updates and follow the IRS on twitter.


You can see the latest videos provided by the IRS by simply going to and searching “IRS”.


The IRS allows taxpayers to listen to podcasts that it regularly releases at Apple’s iTunes store. Podcasts usually contain one topic that the IRS will discuss in detail.

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