EFTPS: A Guide To Using The EFTPS

Today I am going to tell you about the EFTPS that is provided by the IRS to taxpayers that wish to pay their tax bill with a credit card. It is a simple system that you can sign up for and use year after year to pay your taxes. If you e-file your taxes and no longer wish to pay by check or direct deposit this option may be for you.


The EFTPS does charge a fee but may be worth it for the convenience it provides and allowing you to put the bill on your credit card.

The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System is a system that is available to both individuals and business and can be accessed online once you have been enrolled.

If you’re thinking about becoming a user of the system then give yourself a bit of time because you will not be able to instantly gain access once you have signed up. Average wait time to be given access is usually one week.

EFTPS Requirements

If you are interested in signing up there are a few things you will need to provide to get setup. The first thing if you’re an individual is your taxpayer identification number. If you are a business you will need to provide your company’s Employer Identification Number. If you aren’t sure what they are you can simply call the IRS and obtain them.

Next you will need the account and routing number of the bank account you are going to use to pay your tax bill. If you do not know this information you can obtain it from a check given to you by the bank. The numbers are listed in the lower left hand corner of any check.

Last you will need your name, address and the name that appears on your IRS tax documents.

The Sign Up Process

Signing up is very simple. Go to the EFTPS page (https://www.eftps.gov/eftps/) and following these steps:

Select Enrollment
Select Individual, Business or Federal Agency.
Fill in the information that is asked of you.
Press submit.

And you’re done!

In about a weeks’ time you should be given your personal identification number that is provided by the EFTPS. Once you receive this information simply return to the EFTPS website and click “Login”. Next click “Need a Password”.  Enter your tax identification number and the PIN you were given from the EFTPS. Last verify the information that you provided in your setup stage and create a password.

Once you have done all this you are ready to go to the EFTPS main page and make a payment.

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