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Minimizing Gain on Home through Basis Adjustment

The front of a home

When a taxpayer sells a house, they have the opportunity to take a capital gain exclusion up to a certain amount of the gain from selling the house. In the situation where the gain actually exceeds the exclusion amount, the taxpayer can add home improvements and expenditures to the basis to try to minimize the gain. It is extremely important that you keep all your documents that involve buying and improving a home. If in the future you decide to … Read more

Buying Real Estate In USA As A Foreigner

Do you live outside of the United States and thought about buying property in the USA? You can and we will explain the process and some tax issues to look out for. Buying Real Estate as a Foreigner If you’re buying property simply as an investment and that investment generated income, you will be subject to taxes in the United States at the state and federal level. In addition to this there will be United States tax liabilities that will … Read more